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White Horse Business Solutions

We create innovative & affordable smart IT solutions

White Horse Business Solutions(WHBS) is dedicated for the purpose of improving the quality of life of millions of people through smart technology solutions. We are committed to this whole-heartedly, every thought and action of us leads you by this core purpose. Smart home automation, lets you control a doorbell camera, smart lock, garage door and all your home elecronic appliances.


Evolution of WHBS

Startup service

WHBS is committed to providing with innovative, dependable, and affordable smart IT solutions

We began as a intial startup to offer affordable solution for small firms and now we have expanded to offer for industry level. Our self-installed solutions for business model, quickly grew from local to broad level with more than thousands of clients across all over tamilnadu. Since then, WHBS has continued to expanded to offer cutting-edge home automation, life safety products and smart technology solutions. Despite dramatic growth and success.

We are one of the IT company offering an entire range of IT integrated products and services. Incorporated in the year 2013. WHBS professionally managed, process and technology driven, skill based System & Network Integrator.

As a leading smart technology provider, WHBS offers home security, home automation, desktop/server management services, harware/network services, etc,.. to more than thousands of customers throughout Tamilnadu. The end result saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life.

Know things before choosing us

Is your IT service provider delivering optimal performance for your business?

Do you have..

  • ✤ Centralized Server setup?

  • ✤ Cloud collabration and hosted IT support?

  • ✤ Reliable data backup?

  • ✤ an up-to-date IT environment that has been assessed comprehensively?

  • ✤ all while ensuring security and compliance?

How WHBS help you

IT services & solutions

How can White Horse Business Solutions managed IT services help your core business??

Your upfront IT capital investments are more predictable and reliable as White Horse Business Solutions monitors the health and performance of your IT assets on a continuing basis. With our expertise on reducing risk to your data and improving security, you can focus entirely on your core business strategies ans activities by freeing up your IT resources and staffs.

Managed Services of WHBS

What are the IT services that White Horse Business Solutions provide??

With our expertise on managed It services, you will gain peace of mind, reduce risk to your data and assets, and be empowered to leverage your IT investment fully.

IT Service

Benefits of White Horse Business Solutions managed IT Services

  • ✤ You got the right technology expert and area specialist on the job from the beginning with the in-depth knowledge of your system and services.

  • ✤ Many issues are detected and resolved proctively before you even notice.

  • ✤ Free your IT staff resources when they can focus on developing core business activities and gaining productivity.

  • ✤ Latest technology is introduced to meet the highest of industry standards.

  • ✤ Superior network performance, security and reliability at an predictable IT costs.

Reduced Risk, Compliant Security

  • ✤ Downtime is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

  • ✤ No more costly surprises.

  • ✤ Reduced staff burden.

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