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Networking is an organized system of computer networks in which numbers of computers are connected with each other to share resources and information. We understand your network technology is important to continue your work. For smooth working, you need a helping hand that will help you from the initial stages to the everyday management and monitoring of your network. Network experts at WHBS provide you a guarantee of fixing your computer’s network issues in Coimbatore. We support, install and design advance solutions that enhance your business productivity.

What involves in networking services??

  • ✤ Routers, Switch and Modem configuration

  • ✤ Network Setup and Cabling

  • ✤ Network troubleshooting

  • ✤ Network protection and hardening

  • ✤ Wireless network setup

  • ✤ File server, DNS and DHCP service configuration


network security

The Methodology, systems, and processes in place designed to protect your most valuable assets – your company data and corporate infrastructure.

How to network attack happens??

The most common security threats include:

  • ✤ Adware & Spyware

  • ✤ Data Interception & Attacks

  • ✤ Hacker attacks

  • ✤ Viruses & Worms

  • ✤ Internal Attacks

  • ✤ Wireless Networks

network security

Wireless Network Setup Service

A wireless network offers an amazing connection facility. At WHBS, we provide you with one of the best wireless network setup services in Coimbatore. We are capable of dealing with all sorts of network problems. If you encounter any issue over the network, our technician will guide you through each step of fixing the issue.

network setup